Anthony Castoro

Founder & CEO

An industry veteran with experience leading several successful franchises, Anthony Castoro founded Protagonist Games in 2018. Utilizing his past experiences, he devised a business model centered around the core needs of game development, as well as the elevation of an individual’s personal strengths. Anthony firmly believes that “people work best doing what they love and enjoy” and has committed himself to showcase how successful values-driven leadership can be.

Christine Cornejo


Portrait of Christine Cornejo, Director of Finance and Operations at Protagonist.

Christine is a certified public accountant with over 25 years of experience in accounting and operations for start-up, growth and mature companies. As a multi-faceted professional, she brings a wide range of best practices in accounting, finance, human resources, project management, and systems implementation to the team.


Technology Leader

Darrin has been excited by large scale, high performance distributed systems for decades, including online games, distributed simulation, and backend servers. Good architecture makes complex systems possible to efficiently develop and maintain. Automation, DevOps, and Orchestration are key to their operation. Darrin has founded multiple startups, and sees Protagonist Games as the place to bring his deep technology experience to many new projects and teams.