Anthony Castoro

Founder & CEO

An industry veteran with experience leading several successful franchises, Anthony Castoro founded Protagonist Games in 2018. Utilizing his past experiences, he devised a business model centered around the core needs of game development, as well as the elevation of an individual’s personal strengths. Anthony firmly believes that “people work best doing what they love and enjoy” and has committed himself to showcase how successful values-driven leadership can be.

Christine Cornejo

Chief Financial Officer

Portrait of Christine Cornejo, Director of Finance and Operations at Protagonist.

With over two decades of accounting and financial operations experience, Christine Cornejo brings a great deal of corporate expertise to Protagonist Games. Previously holding senior management positions in a wide array of industries, she is now expanding her reach into the world of video games. Through clear communication and compassion, Christine approaches her role in leadership in a highly supportive manner; resolving hurdles as quickly as possible so the team can move forward.

Robert Freeling

Director of Development

First meeting in 2015 and discovering they shared common philosophies, Robert began working with Anthony on several endeavors overseeing development operations. Robert exhibits a great focus on empowering employees to discover their strengths so that they may achieve their highest potential – resulting in optimal levels of productivity long-term.