Anthony Castoro

Founder & CEO

An industry veteran with experience leading several successful franchises, Anthony Castoro founded Protagonist Games in 2018. Utilizing his past experiences, he devised a business model centered around the core needs of game development, as well as the elevation of an individual’s personal strengths. Anthony firmly believes that “people work best doing what they love and enjoy” and has committed himself to showcase how successful values-driven leadership can be.

Jeff Outlaw

Project Management Office Director

Starting his gaming industry career as an artist and animator, Jeff Outlaw has been in production and creative leadership roles for more than 20 years.  He has run the gambit of platforms, from console to mobile to VR and now blockchain gaming. An Agile champion and process orientated thinker, Jeff advocates for team empowerment and clear communication as the main motivators for creative teams. He approaches his role in leadership in a highly supportive manner; encouraging curiosity and honesty on creative teams to address hurdles and maintain progress.