Senior Game Artist / Art Manager

Protagonist Games is looking for a Senior Game Artist / Art Manager who will apply leadership qualities and experience to support a high functioning art team. Having a fully remote studio allows us to work with some of the most talented game developers in the country.  This person will work in close collaboration with the Art Director, the Art team, and leads of Design, Engineering, and Production teams.  Candidates should be proficient in high-quality 3D video game art asset supervision and management. Additionally, they should have expertise in art pipeline creation and practices.  Most importantly, they should have a passion for working with great team members to create a quality product and environment.

Senior QA Engineer

Protagonist Games is looking for an experienced Senior QA Engineer to build out necessary tools for testing automation. Your contributions will be integral to creating and maintaining high quality software and tools for the team.


We have filled all of our Fall 2021 internship positions at this time.  However, keep checking back for updates and announcements around our Spring 2022 internship program.

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Company Values

We believe what sets us apart from others in our industry is
the foundation of what Protagonist is all about, our values.







  • Grit – We are resilient. We persist through setbacks, learn through reflection and constant iteration.
  • Play to our Strengths – We excel because we focus on our strengths while continually growing and developing our skills. We collectively eliminate our weaknesses by individually contributing our strengths.
  • Servant leadership – We each lead by empowering, mentoring, and supporting those around us. We lift each other up because our success as leaders is dependent on the efforts of those around us.
  • Courageous Conversations – We have respect for different perspectives and engage in open discussion. We approach healthy conflicts with courage. We can disagree but ultimately commit to execution.
  • Act with Character – We can rely on each other to follow through on commitments and we act with integrity even when no one is looking.

  • Transparency – We are intentionally generous with information because it fosters trust and allows us to make the best possible decisions.