Summer Internships Available!

We are excited to announce our summer internship program with a number of opportunities for those interested in learning more about a career in video game development.  

Check out the positions below and click Apply to submit an application!

Animation intern

This internship is for an exciting, new, unannounced game that will have an extensive amount of stylized characters with Motion Capture Animation applied. The ideal candidate should have experience working with both Motion Capture animation as well as creating stylized keyframe animation.

rendering engineer intern

The Rendering Engineer Intern will be part of a team working with the Unity SRP/URP enhancing how data flows through the Unity rendering pipeline.

gameplay engineer intern

As Gameplay Engineer Intern, you will have the opportunity to work within a cooperative, cross-disciplinary team of industry veterans in implementing game features and systems.

game design intern

The Game Design intern will be working with an experienced design team in designing, specing, and evaluating new mechanics and features through playtesting and research.

production intern

This internship is for an exciting, new, unannounced game where you will be providing support to production and development teams across a variety of areas as you gain hands-on project management experience.

tools intern

The Tools Intern will be providing support in the identification, evaluation, and design of tools that aid in the creation, visualization, and integration of game content.

3D Artist intern

We are looking for a talented and driven 3D Artist Internship candidate. The ideal candidate should have proficiency translating 2D concepts into 3D assets with clean, efficient topology and UVs. The candidate should also have experience in modern texture style pipelines.

Information Technology Intern

 As an IT intern, you will work with a team of IT professionals and engineers to develop, implement and maintain various technologies for the organization. You will learn how a modern company works with cloud based infrastructure, fully distributed workforce, with industry leading technology.

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Company Values

We believe what sets us apart from others in our industry is
the foundation of what Protagonist is all about, our values.







  • Grit – We are resilient. We persist through setbacks, learn through reflection and constant iteration.
  • Play to our Strengths – We excel because we focus on our strengths while continually growing and developing our skills. We collectively eliminate our weaknesses by individually contributing our strengths.
  • Servant leadership – We each lead by empowering, mentoring, and supporting those around us. We lift each other up because our success as leaders is dependent on the efforts of those around us.
  • Courageous Conversations – We have respect for different perspectives and engage in open discussion. We approach healthy conflicts with courage. We can disagree but ultimately commit to execution.
  • Act with Character – We can rely on each other to follow through on commitments and we act with integrity even when no one is looking.

  • Transparency – We are intentionally generous with information because it fosters trust and allows us to make the best possible decisions.